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There are a few things that I wish people had told me before each PCS we've made. Things like: rain is not a seasonal event confined to the months between December and March in most places, so plan outdoor events accordingly. Or things like: salad bars as a one course restaurant do not exist in great quantity outside California.

I can't tell you how long I've been craving Fresh Choice or Sweet Tomatoes here, people. It's becoming an obsession.

I'd love to see the collective power of SpouseBUZZ at work on this. In the comments section, let us know what lessons you've learned about new places in the course of your PCSing. It's all good - you never know who is getting ready to move where you already know the scoop. You may be able to answer the question someone else doesn't even know they need to ask!

I'll get this started:

FACT: In Texas, all soft drinks are referred to generically as "coke". If someone asks, "Would you like a coke?" they are not referring to only one product. Your "yes" answer will most likely be followed up with, "What kind?"

FACT: If you go searching for Carl's Jr and can't find one, it's probably because in the new place Carl's Jr is Hardees.

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