The March Challenge: Toughest One Yet? Really......

I thought the March challenge would be the one that everyone would participate in because I thought it was pretty easy and one that didn't require a lot of work. Boy, was I wrong.... Some of you commented on how you hated this challenge and a few wouldn't even participate in it. I thought we'd have 100 participants in this one! Heh. You guys really don't want to tackle the car! Who knew?

Here are the results:

From Vicky:

This was fun and very productive. I live where it can be windy and the dirt gets in no matter what you do. My car looks brand new!

And it does....










From Bobbie Jo:

Ok First off let me just say this was (as of to date) my least favorite thing to do! I hate washing my car. However, I felt the need to after I hosed it down-it looked horrible. Now on to the main event.

The To-do List:

To do


We use the door pockets as trash cans-I know there are better ways but for some crazy reason this works with the kids and well us to!


The middle of crap!


The baseball junk:


Important papers-just shoved in there:


The after: All of the important stuff is in this blue pocket window folder and the truck info is in the black book. Nice and neat and easy to find.






The End:

The end

From Penny:

I had put off doing the challenge and I think I know why now. After removing our son's car seat I found a big mysterious dark sticky substance, needless to say wiping the interior of the car like I normally do was not going to be sufficient. I actually had to get a sponge and scrub all the seats down.

I also found the most random array of items while cleaning it out: a pair of heels, a chalkboard, hairbrush, clip, sweater, a roll of trash bags, a bag of baby wipes, 3 commissary bags, a big box, headphones, movie stubs from a year ago and about $3.00 in loose change. Wow.. lol..

I removed all our old insurance papers that had expired almost a year ago, making sure only the up to date information was in the glove box and I also changed the registration sticker for the car.

Cleaning out the car, scrubbing the inside and hand washing the exterior of the car took me a total of 1h:37 minutes. New car rules: No eating or drinking in the car, no opening papers and leaving them or anything else in there. Whew!





From Homefront Six:

For me, not too tough. I tend to keep my car pretty tidy. My kids and my husband tend to mess it up.In fact, some would say I'm OCD about my car. That's possible...BEFORE: (we had just come home from the beach).

Hfs before

One of the biggest challenges in my car is keeping the random papers - receipts primarily - under control. They wind up EVERYWHERE.



The best way I've found to keep the random papers in order is with a small accordion file (which you'll see below). It tucks right into the center console or into the glove box. No more papers flying about when I drive with the windows down!

Behold the "after" photos:


IMG_0047a IMG_0048a




Four measly participants. Shameful......

Okay, April's challenge will be posted later today or in the morning, so get ready. I think you'll be a little less hostile to this one.

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