The LAST Straw


I can so sympathize with Andi's post!

Some days just stink. And have you ever noticed that when all Heck breaks loose, it is usually some silly little thing that sets it off?

Sometimes it seems like we can weather the apocalypse, only to completely fall apart (momentarily, of course) when you open a box of Mac and Cheese without the packet of neon cheese powder in it.

Sure, laugh if you must. I've totally been there/done that/had the same experience with the Ramen noodles. It's the final straw. The final, ridiculous, crazy straw that causes me to scream my barbaric yawp from the rooftops and creates A Situation of Grave Concern amongst my neighbors.

neighbor: airforcewife, we heard a strange sound. Is everything okay over there?

AFW: [hair standing straight up, wild gleam in the eye, spoken through clenched teeth] Yes. Everything is fine. Just fine. We're all okay. Nothing to see here, move along.

In this installment of Military Spouse Poker, I would love to know everyone's most ridiculous final straws. Was it when you went down the slide with your kid only to end butt down in a puddle of water? How about the meltdown in the San Antonio Zoo when you realized that no amount of antiperspirent was going to stop your pits from sweating through your shirt (okay, that was me).

Oh, I know - how about that time you spent two hours walking on Cannery Row with five assorted children and got stuck in an elevator because your butt flicked the emergency switch without you knowing? And the fire truck came screeching down the street to save you - you know, the one with the big ol' rescue ladder cup on it?

Oh. Wait. Me again.

Come on folks, help me feel not-so-alone! Tell me your most ridiculous final straws!

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