K-8 Enrichment Programs

DoDEA Offers Summer Enrichment Program

The Department of Defense Education Activity is offering free four-week, half-day summer enrichment programs at 61 Defense Department schools for students in grades K-8.

The date for each summer program will be determined based on the local school schedule. The schools will offer the program from 9 a.m. until noon Monday through Friday.

Not all elementary and middle schools will have the summer program. The plans are to offer it at 15 schools in the Pacific, 27 schools in Europe and 19 schools serving military children who live on installations in the U.S.

Classes will be offered based on the level of interest from families and the confirmed enrollment. Parents should contact the local school office for more information and to enroll the student.

This marks the fifth year DoDEA has offered a summer program. The program is designed to reinforce and enrich students' learning through hands-on activities focusing on reading, math skills and science. The classes are not part of a remedial program and are not offered for credit.

The schools where the summer program is planned:


Japan District

Darby Elementary School

Lanham Elementary School

Perry Elementary School

Sollars Elementary School

Sullivans Elementary School

Mendel Elementary School

Okinawa District

Killin Elementary School

Kinser Elementary School

Stearly Heights Elementary School

Korea District

Humphreys Elementary School

Osan Elementary School

Seoul Elementary/Middle School

Daegu Elementary/High School

Guam District

Andersen Elementary School

McCool Elementary/Middle School


Bavaria District

Ansbach Elementary School

Bamberg Elementary School

Hohenfels Elementary School

Schweinfurt Elementary School

Vilseck Elementary School

Grafenwohr Elementary School

Illesheim Elementary School

Netzaberg Elementary School

Heidelberg District

Mannheim Elementary School

Hainerberg Elementary School

Patrick Henry Elementary School

Patch Elementary School

Kaiserslautern District

Ramstein Elementary School

Spangdahlem Elementary School

Vogelweh Elementary School

Wetzel Elementary School

Mediterranean District

Aviano Elementary School

Incirlik Elementary School

Lajes Elementary/High School

Naples Elementary School

Rota Elementary School

Sigonella Elementary School

Vicenza Elementary School

Isles District

Alconbury Elementary School

Geilenkirchen Elementary School

Lakenheath Elementary School

Shape Elementary School


Georgia/Alabama District

Faith Middle School

Fort Rucker Elementary School

Maxwell AFB Elementary School

North Carolina District

Devers Elementary School

Gordon Elementary School

Irwin Intermediate School

Brewster Middle School

Tarawa Terrace II Elementary School

Puerto Rico

Antilles Elementary School

Antilles Middle School

Ramey School

Kentucky District

Lincoln Elementary School

Van Voorhis Elementary School

South Carolina District

Pinckney Elementary School

Brittin Elementary School

Elliot Elementary School

Virginia/New York

Burrows Elementary School

Dahlgren School

West Point Elementary School

DoDEA Offers Free Summer Programs

DODEA will run a free, four-week summer enrichment program beginning in June that will focus on math and language arts, according to a news release.

The program is for students in kindergarten through eighth grade and will run half-days from June 22 to July 17 at participating schools, the Department of Defense Education Activity said in the release.

The program is not a remedial program, no school credit will be offered, and the program will not provide transportation or lunch.

Students and parents need to register at their home school by April 24.

Space is limited to space-required students only - meaning those not paying tuition, the release said.

Call the following participating schools for more information:

  • Japan: Darby Elementary School, Lanham Elementary School, Perry Elementary School, Sollars Elementary School, Sullivans Elementary School, Mendel Elementary School
  • Okinawa: E.C. Killin Elementary School, Kinser Elementary School, Stearley Heights Elementary School
  • South Korea: Humphreys Elementary School, Osan Elementary School, Seoul American Elementary/Middle School

DoDEA Press Release

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is offering a free four-week, half-day Summer Enrichment Program to many of its Space-Required students in grades K-8 again this year.

Classes will be held Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m., at selected school sites. The planned Summer Enrichment Program will be offered based on the level of interest from families and confirmed enrollment.

Specific dates will be determined based on local school schedules. The Summer Program curriculum will feature academic-enrichment activities emphasizing math and language arts. Transportation and lunch for the Summer Program will not be provided.

This will be the fifth year DoDEA has offered a Summer Program. Curriculum materials will again be provided by Voyager Expanded Learning. Through the Voyager programs, students in Kindergarten through grade 5 will experience the primary and intermediate levels of Mysteries, and students in grades 6-8 will participate in Media Magic.

Classes offered are not part of a remedial program (meaning they are not for credit) nor are they specifically designed to improve below-average skills. The classes are designed to enrich and reinforce student learning through engaging in high-interest, hands-on activities focusing on reading, math skills and science content.

For more information and to register your student, please contact your local school office.

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