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Yesterday was a bad day. It was just one of those days when everything I touched, large or small, turned sour. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience. There I was, watching someone who looked like me handle situations in a manner that someone who was me would not normally handle them.

I had a hard deadline to get a massive file in. In the transfer process, the formatting became corrupted and I had to start from scratch (ugh). I spent two and a half hours getting to/from an appointment only to find they couldn't help me at all, I came home hungry, pressed the wrong keys on the microwave and my lunch came out hard as a brick, and smoking. I found a snake in the yard (and subsequently dreamed of snakes all night). The dishwasher overflowed (broken seal) an hour before our show last night (the time I generally devote to going over notes, steeping and prepping), my knee dislocated just before the show, so I spent the entire hour in excruciating pain and unable to focus, then when it was time for bed, there was some sort of disturbance nearby and we couldn't escape the noise from the policy activity.

I think in this non-deployment, non-threat-of-a-deployment state that I currently live, I've gone way soft. Had my husband been deployed or otherwise gone, my inner Wonder Woman would most certainly have taken over. I would have fixed the file with a little trouble-shooting. I would not have left the appointment without a solution to my problem because I would have demanded a solution. I probably wouldn't have eaten lunch at all, so the enchilada-turned-brick wouldn't have been a factor. I would have manhandled the snake in five seconds flat. Hey, maybe I would have killed him with my bare hands, skinned him, eaten him for lunch and made a nice pair of high heels out of his skin. I would not have stared at the kitchen floor in disbelief for three full minutes before acting, and I would have popped my knee back into place without a second thought, never even feeling the pain.

Sigh. What has become of me.....

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