If It's Friday, It Is Supposed to be Fit Club


Hi, Fit Clubbers! I'm so glad to be a part of this group...you all are so inspiring.

This has been an interesting week for me, exercise wise. I decidedthat I needed to do something drastic if I'm going to meet my goal oflosing this extra weight before my husband comes home on R&R inOctober. Being the planning geek that I am, I was making a littlechart of my options and their pros and cons. My ideas includedcontinuing to do what I'm doing now but being more dedicated, joining agym, joining a gym and getting some sessions with one of their personaltrainers, or doing one of those intensive one trainer - one clientplaces. As you can see, I've listed them in order from least cost tohighest cost, which unfortunately is exactly the opposite order of howlikely they are to be successful. I was struggling with the balancebetween cost and results. On one hand, why should I pay money forsomething I should be able to do by myself? On the other hand, doingit myself hasn't exactly been working, and you can't really put a priceon my health. I'm sure many of you struggle with this question as well.

On Wednesday, I had a free introductory workout at a Fitness Togetherabout 1/2 mile from my house. My brother runs a Fitness Togetherstudio (in Alexandria, tell him I sent you :) and while he admits thatit is expensive, he says that it is the best program he's ever workedwith and it will definitely work for me. (Being my brother, he alsomentioned that I might want to lay off the wine and McDonalds, but thatis another story.) The studio was very nice and I liked having theindividual attention of a trainer who could get all my weights rightand make sure I was using good form. On the other hand, I'm still alittle confused about how you can get results with such a small amountof work. I guess it is all about quality over quantity. Theyadvertise the advantage of being alone in the workout space. Thatisn't really an issue for me (as you know if you've ever seen mebabbling on at a SpouseBUZZ Live) but I can see how that is reallyvaluable for some people. Of course, this type of personalizedattention comes with a hefty price tag. I decided I would have tothink about it and explore my other options.

I was chatting with a friend yesterday about my dilemma, and how Iprobably needed to go check out the three gyms in my smallish town andthat I needed to not procrastinate. She mentioned that the local NavalStation had a gym (duh!) and she thought that they had personaltrainers there. It is about 15 minutes from my house, versus 5 minutesfor the Fitness Together, but I'm down that way pretty regularly goingto the commissary, the bank, and all those other chores that just needto be done on base. On my way to the commissary, I stopped in andchecked it out. The facilities are free (bonus!) and while the spacesaren't fancy or even really appealing, they have all the equipment Ineed to get some strength training. Plus, they have a small collectionof classes and they have a personal trainer who is less than 1/3 theprice of Fitness Together. I feel that the expense of a personaltrainer is worth it to me right now because what I've been doing alonehasn't been working.

I'm going to give the Naval Station gym a shot. You can't beat theprice, and I might actually keep food in the house if I'm driving bythe commissary three times a week. They don't have child care, so I'mnot sure what I'll do once summer comes, but I figure I'll give it ashot for the next 7 weeks until school gets out. That should be adecent amount of time to see if this plan works for me. If it doesn't,I'll have to reconsider the more expensive options. I hope that thisbalance of price, convenience and effectiveness is a winner!

As part of my new plan, I also decided to start a food and exercisejournal. I'm going to track what I eat, whatever cardio and strengthtraining I do each day, plus whether I'm taking my vitamins andmedications. Oh, and my weight too. I hate to see that on paper eachday but it is a valuable tool for me. I found a pretty old journal I'dnever used and I put it right on my dresser. PLUS, I asked a friend ifshe wanted to keep a journal with me and we could occassionally checkout each others books and maybe make some friendly, constructivesuggestions. I think she said yes (it was sort of hard to tell betweenall the smart-aleck comments we were making about the appropriatenessof Chick-Fil-A for dinner) and I know that I'm a lot more likely toreach for the yogurt instead of the ice cream if I know that she'sgoing to read it.

I wasn't all talk and no action, either. Yesterday, I did my Hulavideo and my perfect pushup workout, and I'm already dressed for theclass I'm taking in 2 hours. And I've scheduled a date to walk with myfriend after the class. Yeah, me!

As you can see, I've got a lot of enthusiasm going right now. I'mcounting on you all to hold me accountable, and we'll all gladly holdyou accountable if you want us to.

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