Chasing Sunset


Recently I had to fly to the east coast for a conference. I find, the older I get, the more I dislike flying. My husband, the helicopter pilot, thinks I'm being silly and irrational. And I am. Intellectually, I completely understand that I am more likely to die driving down the freeway than I am flying. But most of our fears are irrational, aren't they?

What makes it even better - and sillier - is that I am more scared of flying over the ocean (I live on an island so flying anywhere involves flying over the ocean) than I am of flying over the land. Maybe it's not the crashing that scares me but the drowning? Which is also silly and irrational for two reasons:

a.) I'm a lifeguard and a pretty strong swimmerb.) crashing - whether it's into the ocean or into the ground - from 30,000+ feet will probably kill you either way

See? Silly. And irrational. But no one said that my fears had to be rational, did they?

My other fear is bridges.

Yes, bridges.

When I was a kid, my parents would play pinochle with friends and Iwould hang out on that Friday night and watch "Love Boat", "FantasyIsland" (I know, I'm dating myself here) and whatever "Movie of theWeek" was on. One night, it was a movie about the San Fransisco Baybridge. The bridge apparently had weaknesses that only this oneengineer knew about and, though he tried to warn everyone, the bridgestarted to collapse with cars still on it. Which sent several carsplunging into the ocean.

Again, scary. And ridiculous.

But it's my fear.

Needless to say, I avoid bridges at every opportunity. I hyperventilategoing over tall overpasses. I once threatened to exit a moving vehicle(at 55mph) because my friend's dad was threatening to drive me on tothe Bay Bridge.

I am not scared of earthquakes, tornadoes, spiders, clowns (though I dothink they are creepy), or anything "normal" like that. Guess I"m justodd.

What irrational fears do you have? How do you cope with them? I'malmost to the point where I might need pharmaceutical help the nexttime I fly.I tried a natural anxiety relief remedy and that helped abit but I was still pretty tightly wound on this trip. Which, given thefact that we are a military family and we live on an island, doesn'treally work very well.

Guess we'll see. Makes it very difficult to make it to any SpouseBuzz Live events!

So, what about you?

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