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That's it. I'm going to have to ask for help with a household job, and I don't like it.

In my laundry room, I have a shelf that has a screw pulled out of the wall. I have tried several different anchors to fix it, and it keeps pulling out. I'm frustrated and I'm tired of it. There is no good reason why I shouldn't be able to make this shelf stay up, but I don't have the time, the inclination, or the skills right now.

Now, the sensible amongst you will say, "Why don't you ask someone to help you?" Reasonable enough. But I hate to ask for help, and it seems like I'm always asking someone for something. My friend tells me that isn't exactly a fair assessment of the situation, but it is how I feel. Plus, I've still got a lot of deployment left and I'm trying to save my asks for a real need, not just a want. We can survive with this shelf hanging off the wall. I don't like it, but we can.

I was relating this frustration to my therapist/life coach/counselor person, and she challenged me to ask a friend to solve my shelf problem. Great, a dare. Now I have to ask for help. She also implied that I was being a martyr, and I hate martyrs. I guess I should be thankful - it wasn't hard to think of several people that I could call. But which one, and how? Several of the likely candidates are friends with each other so I think that I'll just send out a blanket email to four or five of them and let them duke it out.

The thought of it makes me a little sick to my stomach. First, I'm admitting that there is something that I can't do. Second, I'm going to have to clean my laundry room before they come. Third, they'll probably notice the shutter hanging off the front of the house and insist on fixing that, too. But I will do it. I'll let you know how it goes.

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