You Know What's Cool?

As with every other project I've ever done, the cookbook project puts me in touch with really interesting peope (in the very best sense of the word "interesting"). I always consider this aspect to be personally rewarding. Now that I think about it, I met Andi undersimiliar circumstances.

I received an email from this gal yesterday about recipe submissions for the cookbook.. Meet Delta Whiskey. She's an Air Force wife, a foodie, a writer and darned good photographer. She's also a self described "martial arts junkie".

I have barely scratched the surface of her Barefoot Contessa posts. I love Ina Garten's recipes and have never made something of hers that I have not loved and adopted as my own. Delta Whiskey goes through the recipe process with running commentary AND photos of the various stages.

How cool is that? Seriously, go check her out!!!

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