Wha? Not all Military Dads are The Great Santini? No......


We've often talked about how misconceptions among civilians regarding military life can be both funny and frustrating. This weekend, I found another example, although this time it came from someone who has had 20 years of exposure to military life, she's the mother of a soldier.

My girlfriend called me to say that her mother-in-law had flown in to spend some time with her and the kids after my friend's husband deployed. My friend has a son who is currently sporting one of those hairstyles that boys like these days. I have to say, I must be getting old because every time I see this hairstyle on a guy, I have to suppress the urge to whip out a barrette and pin back the hair hanging in their eyes. I don't mind long hair, I just like to see your eyes.

It seems the mother-in-law isn't too fond of this style, either. But for a different reason.

In fact, she told my friend she was a little surprised to see her grandson, the son of a career soldier, sporting such a "radical" hairstyle. My friend laughed and assured her MIL that, horror of horrors, her son is not required to get up at 05:30 and do PT, and occasionally, they even let him listen to pop music rather than military cadence. Heh.....

Joan recently wrote that some people are "surprised" to find that her nine year-old acts out on occasion because, you know, military parents are thought to produce perfectly disciplined children.

I can count on at least one hand the number of times I have had someonetell me that, simply because our son is a "military child" and shouldbe very disciplined (or something along those lines).Uhhhh. hello?Our son is a child and he's HUMAN, for cryin' out loud!

It just cracks me up that some people assume we live in this super-rigid environment where all military sons must have buzz cuts and stand at attention before dinner. Cracks me up......

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