The March Challenge: Spring Cleaning, With a Twist


Yep, I'm late with this. I went out of town unexpectedly a few days ago and I'm now behind on everything I'm supposed to be working on. Oye! I will have the February photos up this weekend, but until then, it's time for the March challenge.

This just might turn out to be the easiest challenge we have all year. And if so, there's no excuse for not having 100 of you participate this month! Remember, if you have a shot a winning, and you haven't participated up until now, you will need to start now and participate in all of the remaining challenges. The rules are here.

The other day I was in my husband's car and needed the insurance card. I noticed the card that was in the glove box had expired. This prompted me to check my glove box and make sure I had the latest card. I did, but while I was there, I went on a tear and started going through every compartment, weeding out the stuff I don't need, and organizing the stuff I do need. Once I started, I couldn't stop. I cleaned out the change tray, bought a basket to sit in the hatchback which now holds my green bags and a sweater/wrap thingy that I keep in my car in case I get caught in a place that is cold. I also bought a holder for my XM Radio. I have the old kind. It's bulky and doesn't fit well anywhere, so the holder is great. I gave the car a top to bottom deep cleaning.

After the inside was totally organized and cleaned/wiped down, I even washed the car. The next time I got in my car, it just drove better! As for my husband's car - I don't have the time. I love the man more than life itself, but honestly, his car is out of control, and that's the way he likes it. If he were to drive off of a cliff and was lost for days, he would survive just fine. He has warm weather gear, cold weather gear, bottles of water, first aid supplies, all kinds of food, gym towels, footwear ranging from tennis shoes to flip flops to casual shoes. He even has cigars in there!

So, this month we're going to do a little spring cleaning of our automobiles. Go through your cars and get the official paperwork you need to keep with the car organized, and make it easily accessible. Who wants to get pulled over and make the police officer stand there for 15 minutes while you rummage through the car looking for your registration and insurance? Get rid of all that stuff that cars tend to suck in like pieces of toys, pens, food wrappers, whatever. Be sure to check underneath the seats - you'll probably find some good surprises (a lost earring, a pair of sunglasses or some money) and some bad ones (old food wrappers, half-eaten candy bar, melted gum, etc.). And don't forget about the trunk...

This month's prize is a doozy. It's an XM Satellite Radio, this one:


And we'll throw in some Armor All Car Wipes for good measure. Your car will thank us....


The winner will have to activate the radio and pay for their own service, but we'll get you started by supplying the radio. Please don't be like those people who won a car on the Oprah show and then complained that they had to pay taxes on it (heh). If the winner already has an XM account, they can add this to their existing account and give it to another family member to use. I love my XM! I can listen to whatever I want, whenever I want. The music channels are fabulous!

Be creative with your photos. Show us the "junk" you got rid of and the new sparking and organized car. You have until March 31 to get your photos and description in.

Go get started, your car is calling.......

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