Happenstance and History


It never ceases toamaze mejust how much *the little things* can have an affect on your life. A little over twenty years ago, the happenstance meeting between myself and the guy who had the lab stall next to mine at college didn't seem all that unusual - given that we were at a fairly popular local bar. In fact, it was a fairly common occurrence.Except this time, he was out with a couple of buddies.....one of whom was an oldhigh school buddy,now a Lance Corporal of Marines,home on leave after a recent tour in Okinawa.

And the rest, as they say, is history.....

19 yearsagothat young Marineand yours truly hooked handcuffs and threw away the key at amuch celebrated event.


I've alway held a special affinity for music. Some songs justsay what I'm feelingso much better than I ever could.Many of my favorites songs are sobecause I connect with them on a personal level.If it had been published then, I would have been singing this songthe day ofour wedding and every day afterward.

With every sunrise, I am thankful.

With everysunset, I am truly amazed.

Happy Anniversary, Baby.

I love you.

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