Feelin' Funky And Not In A Good Way


Sometimes having the funk is a good thing...as in a Parliament "We need the funk! Gotta have that funk!" kind of way. Other times, though, a negative, non-germ related funk envelopes you and you find yourself fighting the funk.

I'm up to my hairline in the funk and I'm asking you for some funk-busting methods.

This is not good, people.

My husband has only been gone a week so far. Usually, at the end of the first week of him being gone, I start to feel the ground beneath my feet. I'm able to set a better pace, start accomplishing things on my list, and work on creating the new 'normal.'

Right now, I'm at a loss. I'm fuzzy. I'm overwhelmed. I'm tired. Most of all, I'm still really, really mad.

I know I have no choice in the matter and I honestly thought I'd learned the valuable lesson of not fighting the battles in which I have no choices. I think it's a combination of looking for a job that is going to work with the needs of my family given the deployment and our upcoming adoption, the onslaught of tasks that comes with completing an international adoption, and the demands of one of the jobs I have now (big commute, low pay, you know the drill). It is difficult for me take on all the tasks and yet, have very little control over any of the decisions that need to be made.

Whatever the reasons, I have a bad case of the funk that I need to shake off fast or risk being even more overwhelmed and behind in my things-to-do.

So...I need your help.

What are your tried and true funk-busting methods? Any and all suggestions are welcome! Put them in comments and I'll get started on them.

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