Dear Nikki


One of the best things I found on my Fitness Journey (which has turned out to be a long and wandering road complete with lots of mud-holes and rest stops along the way) was Nikki Fitness. I spent a good three months floundering around without much to show for it prior to using Nikki's Military Wife Workout DVD - and then seeing results within a month was what I really needed.

Nikki has also done several SpouseBUZZ Talk Radio shows with us, and she is just full to the brim with advice that has made a huge impact on my workout. Plus, she's just plain fun to talk to!

But I have a few things I have to get off my chest.

Dear Nikki:

I'm really embarrassed. You see, we just wrapped up our Girl Scout cookie sales and, well... I was cookie mom. I had boxes on top of boxes stacked floor to ceiling in my house's entry way. And - well, Samoas. There were Samoas (aka Caramel DeLites). That first weekend we had cookies our house looked like the end of a cookie-crack binge. There were crumpled wrappers on all the flat surfaces and colorful boxes strewn around the floor. My kids were actually licking Thin Mint residue off the packaging.

I'll admit it. I have no self control.

And the worst part is that I had just broken through my plateau in December! I was down a size! I was feeling good!

Then my husband came home. And I got sick. Three times. And family came to visit.

Nikki, I love my family, but my Grandma is 93. We walked three miles around the monuments here in DC and I'd be surprised if I burned even 100 calories at that pace. But it sure did make me hungry. Oh - and if you're in the National Mall area, can I just say that the food court in the Reagan Building rocks?

Anyway, Nikki, I felt I should apologize to you because I'm always recommending your exercise program as one that works and I'm probably not the best example right now since I'm pretty sure you can park a car in the shadow of my butt. I hope you don't lose business over my raves!

But on the bright side, I'm back on the wagon! I've decided to detox for a week or two (lean meats, veggies, milk, cheese and the like ONLY. No processed flour or sugar - I'll slowly work other stuff back in). And I have to confess that you do make it a lot easier to own up to my tremendous weakness for Samoas than other previous exercise programs I've tried to follow. Kathy Smith works a person hard, but I have to admit - she kind of scares me. I don't think I could admit to her that I've been on a Samoa binge. Have you seen her arms in the kickboxing workout? I'd probably run away and hide.

I've also been to the gym today, and I went Thursday and Friday as well! And, because the first workout worked so well, I'm ordering the Beach Bride workout from Amazon today. We've got a full schedule of SpouseBUZZ Live events this year, and I don't want people taking out bets on how long my seams will hold up during my panel.

I have high hopes for my new work-out and eating schedule. Especially since Girl Scout cookie season is pretty much over. I'll keep you updated!

Thanks, airforcewife

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