Brothers At War


Last night I was lucky enough to live in one of the cities in which the new movie Brothers At War premiered. My husband and I showed up early and got to witness the red carpet event with director Jake Rademacher, his brothers from the movie, and Gary Sinise.

When I saw the trailer two weeks ago, I groaned. I feared anotherHollywood movie that made soldiers look like dupes and sadists. Butlater when I saw that Soldiers' Angels was backing the movie, I told myhusband that it had the seal of approval and that we ought to go see it.

I thought it was such a good movie. It was laugh-out-loud funny in parts,sad in other parts, and above all it was real. My husband said he could relate to the scenes with the soldiers, the scenes with the Iraqis, and most things in between. And after the showing, when we had a Q&A session, the director said that if any war stories get told, they're the big battles or the major tragedies. Instead, he wanted to show regular old soldiers just doing their job, not on the most exciting day, not on the most frightening day, but just on all those days in between. I think he did a wonderful job, and his family has really opened their life up to America to show what we military families go through year in and year out.

If this movie comes anywhere near you, I recommend going to see it.

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