Who's Up For Being Responsible?


In an airport terminal, finding a decent place to sit at the gate waiting for a flight is never that choice. Last week though, I managed to secure "box-seat-tickets" andhad the unique and good fortune to be exquisitely seated near a group of mil spouses traveling together, who luckily for me "knew it all." I tell you, if I could have had them as an Advisory Board during my tour on active duty, Sheez & ShazZam! life would have been grrrreat!

As I listened though, it became apparent that trouble lurked in their ranks. For they knew there were problems "in the unit" but that everybody who was saddled with the mantle of responsibility, were brainless twits. Brainless I tell you. Diaper-wearing, thumb sucking, twits. I mean, unit leadership were thumb suckers! So as I listened (I know, I know, ... bad Toad), a few things became readily apparent. First, they only knew one side of the story. Second, they only cared to know one side of the story and could not conceive of another side dealing with anything going on about them. Lastly, you could only continue to be on their team, if you shared their views. And although they knew (from their perspective) what was wrong, none had any idea what the fix could be. I mean, they didn'teven get close to proffering a solution to any of the problems they perceivedin the unit. And then, I started reading GBears post, Brass Blogs. And I thought, of those 3 things above, the 2nd one -- i.e., understanding the other side of the story, is the only one that originates in someone else's head ...(how's THAT for a twisted sentence? Sorry AFW.)

So, I just had to call andget GBear's forgiveness and permission totag-team on her recent post. Since I know you've now had a chance to read and mull over the questions and thoughts from GBear, I just have to ask as well, How should those charged with being responsible, reach out to explain their own perspectives and how do you believe they should get feedback? Facebook seems to be hit or miss. And whatever is used needs to have access from a dot-mil acct as well as from the wider spaces of the Internet.You gave GBear some thoughts -- but how bestdo those responsible, reach you?

These spouses sitting near me were looking for a place to vent I believe, but could they also offer solutions? Would reading something from the Brass, alter their own perspectives and maybe help them to join the team? I don't know if they'd even take the time, would they? Would their husbands (in this case) dare to unleash them even anonymously, on the Brass? Might they, if allowed to broach their concerns, realize that those they held in such low regard, were actually doing the best of what could be done?

Even in this day and age of massive amounts of information, we still fall victim to one side of the story. How do we achieve a balanced reportage between you, and leadership? How do YOU want to get the story from those that are charged with being responsible? And then, can we as military spouses Be Responsible for a healthy feedback cycle ... who's up for it? Eh? Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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