The ban on media at Dover review* Update!!!

From Andi's post on this topic last week, it's very clear that we have strong feelings about it. In comments, it was asked who folks should speak to in order to maketheir voices heard. Below the fold is a phone number to call with your concerns or questions about the review.

Not that it's a problem here at SB but I would like to point out that the person you will be speaking to is not the person actually doing the review. This will be someone fromPublic Inquiriesfor the office of the Secretary of Defense. Whatever your opinion is on the issue, please remember that, okay? The folks at the Office of the SecDef have beenincredibly cooperative.

Have at!!


Update:!!! I have it on very good authority that the better avenue is to write a letter to Dr. Gates. His address is:

Secretary of Defense, Dr. Robert M. Gates1000 Defense PentagonWashington, DC 20301-1000

Again, have at!!!

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