The Ban on Dover is Lifted


For those of you who have been following this story, the ban on media access to Dover has been lifted, with one caveat - the families of the fallen will make the final determination.

If you stay with the video, around the 07:25 mark (and again at 19:16), Secretary Gates and Admiral Mullen respond to reporter's questions about what drove their thought process, the politics surrounding the ban and the logistics of implementing the policy. Apparently, Secretary Gates has tasked a "working group" to "quickly" put a plan in place to implement the new policy. I will be interested to see how, in practical terms, this will be implemented. What happens when one family passes and another agrees, yet their loved ones are arriving on the same flight, for instance? Looks like we'll soon find out.

I truly thought the policy would stand, as is. I knew I'd be sick if I heard the policy had been overturned outright. And I thought I would be okay with the families making the final determination, but truthfully, I feel a little queasy right now. It feels like the camel just busted into the tent.

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