I Love This Product Update: Bras, Straps and Lifts, Oh My...


Inquiring minds want to know. Many of you have asked how this worked out for me, so here's the low-down, or "lift-up," as it were. In short, they do work, but there's a few things you should know:

First, it takes a while to get your order. If you're looking to order for a special formal or event, you should plan accordingly because it took several weeks for my package to arrive.

In the commercial, a couple of ladies slide their bra straps in the clip behind their backs with ease. They must be more talented than I am because I never found a way to do this. Each time I put my bra on as normal, then tried to place the clip behind my back, I couldn't do it. For me, it's a two-person job from that angle. However, it was a one-person job if I put my bra on around my waist, (with the clasp in front) slipped the clip on from the front then turned my bra around, putting it on as usual. I could get the clip on easily using that method, but I couldn't slide the clip down past a certain point by myself. With some tops, you may not need to adjust the clip by sliding it down in order to hide your bra straps. The clips come with instruction cards that give you two options.

Another issue is that I needed to take all of the give out of my bra straps because if I put on a clingy type of fabric, the straps were pulled so tightly that a bulge formed in the back. Not cool - cleavage is supposed to be in the front, not in the back.... Note that the ladies in the commercial have not one ounce of fat on them... Personally, I think buying a bra that's one size bigger than you normally wear may eliminate this. I think I'll go try some on and see if this helps.

In the end, I found that the clip really does hide my bra straps, which is the goal, but putting the clip on -- and adjusting it -- is not nearly as easy as the commercial makes it out to be, at least it wasn't for me. All in all, it was a good purchase and I'll definitely be using my clips. They send you three sets, and I'll never use all three sets. I'll offer a set with one of the challenge prize packages.

And I know what the other questions is. Yes, it does give you a "boost"....

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