Pimp Your Stuff: Valentine's Day Fun


Some of February's "Pimp Your Stuff" entries were time sensitive, so I'm going to post just the items which pertain to Valentine's Day for now. Some fun stuff here:

First of all, I admit it. I'm a weirdo. I'm not expecting candy, bears, flowers or jewelry. Actually, I'm not expecting anything at all. For whatever reason, I've fallen out of love with Valentine's Day, and my husband knows this. I am definitely a romantic, girlie-girl, but I do like my practical gifts. One of my favorite gifts had a note attached which read, "Because life is never dull with you." It was a set of steak knives. I love those knives! Give me knives over flowers any day of the week.....

Although I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, I'm sure I'm in the minority, which is why I have to admit that this marketing campaign is very, very clever. I'm sure it's quite effective, too. But for goodness sakes, if you're going to put your man in the world's most public doghouse, do you have to list his full name? Ouch!

Next up - a freebie. Oh, how I wish I had Mariah Carey's pipes.....

Hi Andi, Hope all is well with you! I work with Sony Music and Mariah Carey, who just released Mariah Carey: The Ballads last week. I'm actually a Marine brat myself, so I grew up in a military family. I knew Valentines Day was hard on my parents when they couldn't be together when my dad was stationed overseas. So I wanted to let you know about a Mariah Carey eCard we made, which includes the video for Hero. I thought this card might be a fun way for the significant others of people in the military, to send a Valentine to their loved ones (here or overseas), as the song is very uplifting. There is even a space on the ecard to send personalized messages.

I played around on the site, and like it. You can record your own song, or send one of Mariah's (for those of us who can't carry a tune). You can also personalize the card. Hero is particularly appropriate for milspouses. Click here to get started.

And finally, Anne is engaged to a soldier and has an Etsy store which features some vintage Valentine's day jewelry, like this. Very cute! I apologize to Anne for missing the due date to get orders in for Valentine's Day (Feb. 6), but check out her stuff anyway! Good luck with the store and the wedding, Anne.

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