Monday Morning "Feel Good" Story


I've heard countless stories of how stray dogs and cats in Iraq and Afghanistan have helped our service members cope with the worst parts of war, and even the more mundane parts - like sheer boredom. Animals truly are therapeutic.

My husband and his co-workers befriended and looked after Maxie, a little kitten who found her way onto their base, and who was spoiled rotten while in their care. I was happy to know that Maxie gave my husband some comfort while he was away from his family (including the four-legged members). I see that Army Wife Lisa Barker shares that sentiment:

Click here to read the full story of Jack and Emma, and note that the reunion between doggies and their soldier dad will occur soon, so check back for updates and reunion video. Click here to find out how you can help rescue neglected animals. Thanks to Cassandra for the tip.

For another "feel good" doggie story, see Man's Best Friend.

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