Is This Communication Thing Good?


I only ask because we've finally gotten both my husband and I onto Facebook, and we were trying to IM today.

It was lovely to see his written words, and to sort of talk to each other. Such a change from when we were newlyweds and we had to number the envelopes because you never knew when and in what order they'd arrive, and when a deployment might have two or three short and expensive telephone calls. I had to rely on myself for all the decision making, and find the confidence to feel good about our relationship even when we didn't have contact for weeks at a time.

Already, this deployment has been loads different, and it isn't all for the better.

I know that the children benefit from the emails, and the telephone calls. They need to be dependent on Mom and Dad. Me, though, I find myself feeling a little agitated when I see that he's called while we're out, or checking my email a little more frequently than usual, or not really knowing a satisfactory way to sign off on the IM. I guess we'll I'll get better as time goes on. I'm sure that we'll get used to this new communication and get plenty comfortable with it. I'm sure that eventually I'll be able to laugh about the missed phone calls. And maybe I'll even get brave enough to show my face on the webcam.

Would any of you like to share your experiences with deployment (and TDY, and school) communications? I learn from every comment and post, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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