Friday Time Waster


I've been using Facebook for two years now. I joined because one of the wives from our last unit set up a group for us to keep up with each other. We're all scattered to the winds these day.

If you've got a Facebook page, chances are you have been tagged with the 25 Random Things about Me meme. Even though it took mesome timeto finally write the 25 things, I found I had a good time with it.

So, because it's Friday, I thought I would write 5 (just five, people!!) random things about me and open it up for Spousebuzzers to write 5 random things about themselves.

1. Clam-ato juice. I don't get it. At all.

2. I watch some of the most craptacular tv. Bad sci fi mostly but there's a lot of crap in other genres too.

3. I drink Chardonnay on the rocks. It's just never cold enough for me.

4. Even though I haven't played in years, I will still do (piano) scales on a hard surface when I'm deep in thought.

5. I spent 4 years in all girls' catholic schools. Ugly uniforms and why I hate to wear dresses now, I think.

So have atif you like.I always enjoy reading about otherpeople's randomness and quirks.

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