Wondering About 2008 Tax Statements?

When can you expect your 2008 Military Tax Statements to be available?

According to myPayyou can expect the following online availability dates:

Air Force, Army and Navy Reserve W-2 - AvailableCivilian W-2 - AvailableMarine Corps Active and Reserve W-2 - AvailableArmy NAF Civilian Pay W-2 - 12 JanuarySLRP W-2 - 12 JanuarySDP 1099INT - 18 JanuaryAir Force, Army and Navy Active - 23 January

You can read more tax supportinformation here.

Military OneSourceinformation for the 2008tax year:

Wewill be providingtax filing servicesfor the 2008 tax season beginningJanuary 19, 2009.Our services will include freeonline tax filing services (both state and federal),and free telephonic tax consultations.

To get access to our free tax filing services, please returnto the Military OneSource Web siteon January 19, 2009. You mustenter the tax filing services via the link we provide to our customized version of the tax filing site.Please do notregister prior to January 19 by accessing a tax filing servicewebsite directly--doing so will result in a fee being charged for the use of the product.

The free, customized Military OneSourceversionwill only be available via the link we willpost onMilitary OneSourceon January 19, 2009.

Don't forget that the MIL PCS W-2s will come in the mail.

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