What Are You Watching?

We were iced in today. This is something I'm still getting used to, after more than five years on the East Coast.

The kids and I retreated into what we normally do whenever we're stuck in the house or we need to retreat from the world for a bit - we watched movies all day.

Of course, the movies we watch depend on our situation, and we have several family "classics."

When it's cold outside and there are sick children we watch Auntie Mame - the one with Rosalind Russell. The kids and I love the humor in the movie, but they can only sit through it if they are sick. Same with Little Shop of Horrors and The Sound of Music.

When we're snowed or iced in and we're all well, we tend to watch funny movies. A lot of Adam Sandler for some reason. I think it is the poop humor.

When it's too hot to play outside in the summer, we watch Labyrinth.

And when I missed the last two SpouseBUZZ Live events, I sat myself down in a funk and watched Steel Magnolias back to back with We Were Soldiers. I have to tell you - I really missed my girls.

I think it's interesting how military families make comforting routines in the midst of the chaos of a life that is constantly changing. In our family, we use movies to make up for some of the uncertainties. We may not know where we'll be living at this time next year for sure - but we know that if we're snowed in it will be time to pull out the Adam Sandler flicks.

Do any of your families have "comfort movies"? What are they?

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