Seriously? Aren't We One of Your Target Markets?


(not verbatim, but you'll get the gist:)

UA Guy: Hello, thank you for calling Under Armour customer service, this is Joe speaking.

Me: Hi, Joe, I'm hoping that you can help me. My husband got a bunch of your t shirts for Christmas, and they're not the right color that he needs to wear. Can you help me find the right color?

UA Guy: Do you know where they came from?

Me: Yes, they came from your website.

UA Guy: Do you know the style?

Me: I can give you the SKU from the invoice. XXX-XX-XXXXX.

UA Guy: That model comes inDark Navy Blue, Desert Tan, White, and Marine Green.

Me: Yes, I know that. But the Desert Tan isn't the right color - it's way too light. Do you have the darker brown?

UA Guy: Ummm,

Me: You know the color...it's Army, but it's also worn by Seals, and EOD guys, and I think Seabees.

UA Guy: Ummmmmmm,

Me: Do you have someone there that knows about military uniforms? And can help me find the right color?

UA Guy: No.

Me: Seriously? I'm a little frustrated...I specifically told people to order from you because of your reputation as a company that was marketing to the military. And you don't know the colors, and you don't offer them?

UA Guy: No. You might try Cabela's, or some of our retail stores. They carry colors that we don't have online.

Me: Could you tell me which stores carry that color?

UA Guy: I wouldn't have any way of knowing.

Me: Okay, so I can take these shirts back to the UA store and hope that they have the right color?

UA Guy: No. You have to mail them back to us, and we'll credit the card that they were ordered with.

Me: So there is no way to prevent my mother-in-law from knowing that her Christmas present to her deploying son was wrong?

UA Guy: Unless you want to exchange them for another color on our website.

I have so many problems with this, I don't even know where to start. I did some research, and apparently Under Armour has stopped making the right color brown. I might be able to find it online, if anyone has any old stock, or get it on eBay. But right now, that's not the issue. For goodness sake, why wouldn't UA offer all their military products online? 'Cuz you know, sometimes there's not an Under Armour store on the next street corner. And wouldn't you make some effort to know your military market, and offer the items that they want?It seems like they should have at least a couple of people on staff that could definitively say, "Yes, that shirt will work with your every-second-Tuesday as long as it's not a full moon uniform." 'Cuz sometimes, that's the uniform that you're trying to match.

Okay, rant over. Now to look for solutions.Does anyone know where I can find these shirts? You know, the old Army brown ones. That people still wear, with those desert colored camis?

Bigger picture, do you have any great stores that have been wonderful in helping you find that obscure flashlight, exactly the right helmet liner, or some other piece of gear that your military member has wanted? Let's give them a shout, send them some business, and make our own lives easier at the same time.

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