Part IV of the Continuing Saga of My Bar Pan


It started with a post about going through deployment alone, with no pets or kids. I baked one biscuit on a small bar pan so often while my husband was gone that it permanently stained the pan. It was my badge of independence...until my husband broke the pan. But Homefront Six kindly sent me a new one right before I started deployment again. I wanted to get to work on a new biscuit ring.

Apparently my eating and baking habits have branched out a bit in the past four years.

No obvious ring.

Barpan 008

That's the result of seven months of cooking individual portions on that little pan.

I did want to add an I-Love-This-Product to the post. Much of what I baked on this pan came from Omaha Steaks. We received a shipment from them as a gift a few years ago, and I reordered from them before my husband left because all of their products come individually packaged. For a geographically-single person, an individually shrinkwrapped hamburger or steak or pork chop is just so easy. As are individually wrapped frozen stuffed baked potatoes, which got baked often on that bar pan (notice the potato-shaped quasi-ring on the right side). It's perhaps not the cheapest way to buy food, but it was an easy way for me to cook real food without eating the same casserole for eight nights in a row.

Homefront Six, that little pan got put to good use. Thank you for thinking of me. And it will get even darker and more seasoned when my husband leaves again.

Thus ends the saga. Oh hey, I should've called it The Fellowship of the Biscuit Ring. Heh.

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