Virtual Parents: Oh, the Possibilities....


Well, this is something. I could envision a scenario where the conversation could be manipulated somewhat, though. It really could go south quite rapidly.

Kid: Daddy, I love you and I miss you.

Virtual Daddy: I miss and love you, too. Are you being good for mom?

Kid: Yes, I am. Daddy, can I have a puppy? Oh, and, um, I mean, and, can I give mom a kiss for you?

Virtual Daddy: Of course, please do.

Kid flies out of the room screaming, Mom, mom, mom. Guess what? Daddy said I could get a puppy.

Mom then runs into the room and throws her shoes at Virtual Daddy, reducing his virtualness into a cloud of smoke and rubble.


H/T: Computer World, where someone wonders when they'll build "virtual politicians."

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