Minor Gripes


SpouseBUZZ is a great place for a pick-me-up. We all love the military lifestyle and try to find the good in every situation. If need be, we embrace the suck. But sometimes you just have those little gripes about day-to-day military life, not major problems but little annoyances that make you shake your head. I hate to complain too much about them, but sometimes I just need to say, "Holy cow, it makes no sense why I just had to do that!"

Today I had to pick up two prescriptions. One was a new one and one was a refill. The new one had to be picked up at the on-post hospital, and the refill could only be picked up at one of the satellite clinics. Yep, I had to go to two different pharmacies and stand in two different lines to get my meds. I even called ahead, but there was no way to pick up the two at the same place. Why not? I just don't get it.

What are your minor military gripes these days?

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