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I was raised a miltary brat. Which is to say that I was raised in..."Dignified Poverty". After all, that was the era of white glove inspections and tea parties for the wives clubs (and they were wives clubs back in the very old and not so good days!). At any rate, this is the tale of the military brat (specifically my sister) all grown up!

My sister lives in a suburb of Dallas. One day she was having luncheon with a few of her friends - none of whom grew up military. They were exchanging stories of their growing up years and the neighborhoods in which they grew up. The conversation spiraled into a cycle of "I lived better than you", typical female stuff, but all in a good-natured way. As only my sister can do, she had the best one-up line ever. As they all talked about their posh neighborhoods and gated communities, she came up with, "When I grew up, I lived in a gated community too....but our gate guards carried M16's and had close air support back-up if necessary!"

Who'd have thought that growing up in the Air Force would have put one in such an exclusive neighborhood!?!?!? What are your funny memories of military childhood, if you were fortunate enough to have been raised in the service? What do you think your kids will talk about when asked about their neighborhoods growing up?

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