It's Going to Be One of Those Weeks


When I tried to get dressed today, every single pair of jeans I tried on was worn out in an unmentionable place.

Every. Single. Pair.

Following on the heels of the discontinuing of "my" lotion, that's a blow. But it also makes me quite curious.

My own personal UOD definitely includes jeans. Yes, beads and scarves, too. And some kind of hippie shirt. But usually jeans.

So, what is the actual shelf, or rather, butt life of a pair of jeans? From Old Navy, for example (because I LOVE Old Navy's jeans). And how can I time my wearing of those jeans so that I don't have embarrassing "fall out"?

I mean, a couple of the now-retired pairs of jeans had frays around the holes, which meant that I've been wearing them like that for a bit. I guess when it's cold enough you just don't feel the draft.

Then there's the mental issue that always accompanies a pair of jeans wearing out...

"Awwww! I loved those jeans! They fit me perfectly! They were so comfy!"

I know I can't be the only person who gets emotional over the death of a favorite pair of jeans.

So, thanks to online Old Navy, I have ordered a few replacement pairs (not really replacement, as the style of jeans I loved so much has been discontinued, but close enough). In 5 - 9 days I should have my jeans.

In the meantime, I have no idea what to wear! This is going to be very interesting...

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