Good Cop, Bad Cop?

Last Friday I was thrilled, and was singing my famous "it is Friday" song in my head all day. Until I went to pick up my Son from school, and was told by another parent that "the teacher wants to see you".


I love my son's teacher, but frankly these impromptu visits mean 2 things. It is our day to take the fish home. (It was 14 out, so I doubted we were on fish duty). Or du du dahhhhhh, my Son had a bad day. In good news I have not been called for a meeting with the teacher for months. (Praise sweet Jesus.)

So I gathered myself, and took my Son's hand and we went to meet with the teacher. Thank Goodness, it was no large infringement, but there were several small infringements. And frankly any time my child does not listen, or show proper respect it upsets me, as it does most parents. I went ahead and delved out his consequences, with no argument, and we headed home.

The rest of the night was typical until bedtime, when I noted my daughters curtains were quite disheveled. "hmmmmm?" So I straightened them out, and upon doing so, noted she had a crack in her window.

I will tell you all here, I was not pleased. And of course I asked all of the questions any Mother would ask. "When, how, what were you thinking, etc?" We still have not came to a conclusion on how this happened....

So I ended up putting the two on some sort of double secret probation for the month that includedno movies, no attending a birthday party, done. DH stood behind me, and backed my decisions as he always does. But all of a sudden I realized, that I am the primary disciplinarian in our home.

I thought about for the past couple of days, and noted, it is not a strange role for me, because I came from a home, that was "Mother run", even though my Dad was not military, and was home pretty regular. the only time my Father got involved, is when my Mother "had it up to here"...

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