Duh, They're Not Deployed Anymore


My friend and I discovered that we were both displaying the same strain of crazy, and I wonder if any of you have done this too.

Both of our husbands recently returned from deployment. And we sent both of them home to visit their families alone. When we were talking the other day, we laughed that we had both forgotten that our husbands weren't deployed. I was having an emotional day and had a chip to cash, and I was sitting with the phone in my hand, wondering who I could call who would listen to me. And then it dawned on me: my husband was only in a different state, not deployed! I could just call him! What a novel idea. My friend said she had done something really similar, that she had grabbed a pen and started writing a list of things to tell her husband when he called home. But he was only in a neighboring state, and she could've just called him to tell him anything she wanted.

It takes a while to get out of the deployment mindframe.

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