Do You Want to Cook with Emeril Lagasse?


You just might get the chance. Matt sent word to SpouseBUZZ that Emeril is looking for military personnel to come on the show and cook with him. Although the casting call says they are looking for "current or retired military personnel," I did email the show to inform them that military spouses face some unique cooking challenges. I think we could all benefit from some creative ideas that help us deal with these challenges.

There's cooking for kids, which isn't as easy as one might think, huh?

There's cooking for one.

There's cooking or eating the same thing(s) over and over again.

We could go on and on (and we have), but one thing's certain - cooking during a deployment cycle is not always easy. It's not just about cooking for one, or cooking while Dad is gone, it's really an emotional issue as much as it is a practical one. I want to see a military spouse on Emeril's show. C'mon ladies, respond to the casting call. We want to see you on TV explaining our dilemmas to Emeril. If you're selected, please let us know so that we can tune in.

Casting call is after the jump.

Emeril Green, a daily cooking series currently airing on the Planet Green network, is looking for retired or current members of the United States military to appear on the show to cook with celebrated chef Emeril Lagasse.

We are looking for:

- People who have served

- People who are currently serving and are home on break

- People who are going to be deployed soon

- People who have family members overseas

If you are in the military, but don't fit into one of the above categories we would still like to hear from you.

In addition, we need you to have a cooking challenge for us to solve. Do you love spicy food, but are confused about which hot peppers to use? Are you a fan of mushrooms, but don't know how to incorporate them into a meal well? We'll help you solve your culinary dilemma!

Interested applicants should please respond with their name, age, city/town, a recent photo, a little bit of background about their military experience, and a little bit of background on how good of a cook he/she is. Click here to send your email.

Emeril Green is currently airing nightly on the Planet Green network if you would like to get a better idea of what the show is about.


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