2009: The Year of "Change"


Time to get a few housekeeping matters out of the way. Here's some of what you can expect to see at SpouseBUZZ in 2009:

LIVE Events (We're a Comin'):

We'll host three LIVE events in 2009. Our tentative plan is to hit the east coast, the middle of the country and the west coast. More to follow soon.

Tee-Vee (Wonder if it Really Adds 10 Pounds):

This year, we're looking at incorporating video reports here at the blog. This feature will be called, "On Assignment." It looks like some of us will have the opportunity to do a little traveling to events that are of interest to military spouses later in the year. We'll also have the opportunity to interview some very cool people, so look for some video around these parts.

Pimp It (Don't Be Shy):

Back by popular demand is Pimp Your Stuff. I totally dropped the ball last year after the PCS threw me into a tizzy that I never seemed to recover from (but that's another story). Even so, I was surprised by the amount of email we continued to receive from people pimpin' their stuff, so it's coming back. I've already started working on the January edition.

Radio (Big Changes):

Some of you have emailed askingwhen the SBTR schedule will resume and I'm sorry I haven't posted thisbefore now. In late 2008, we began receiving a lot of requests forindividuals to appear on our show, which is a great thing, but the timeslot has been an obstacle for some. We have worked, on severaloccasions, to accommodate special guests by hosting shows in a timeslot other than our typical 9:00 p.m. EST slot. While we will continueto do this under certain conditions, it's very difficult to host twoshows in one week. One is difficult enough! A lot of behind-the-sceneswork goes on in order to set up, prep for and execute a show.

Havingsaid that, we're making some changes to both our schedule and showformat. Beginning in February, we'll move the show from each Thursdayto the third Thursday of every month. We're also expanding the programto a 90 minute show, so we'll have 30 extra minutes! In the past, theshow has focused on one or more guests discussing the same themethroughout the show. Our new format will feature three 30 minutesegments and will be a more diverse program. We've very excited aboutthe changes. We hope you enjoy the new format and we look forward toseeing you in the chat room on the third Thursday of each month (mark your calendars).

We'retaking January off to get ready for the new show, book guests, set upnew music, etc. However, airforcewife has previously scheduled showsfor February 5 and 19, so those will go on as planned. The debut of ournewly-revamped show will be Thursday, February 19.


For you competitive types, take the 2009 Challenge. I dare you. I'm not kidding when I say you will be sorry you didn't when you see some of the prizes that be awarded to the winner.

Sound Off (You Have a Voice):

SpouseBUZZ is here because of you. It's a community.If you have suggestions, feel free to click the "Comments and Suggestions" box on the right-hand side of the site and share your ideas with us. We love your email!

All of us are looking forward to sharing another great year with our virtual buddies.

Okay, carry on....

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