The Duty Station Recall Button


The other day, I was talking with a civilian about some event or the other, and I paused to recall how long ago it had happened. Then, I said, "Oh yes, that's when we were stationed in Georgia, so it was ten years ago." I told the lady I was speaking to, "That's how I can remember dates andwhen something happened, by recalling where we were stationed at thetime."

I don't have children, so I don't say things like, "Suzie wassix then, so it was in 1992." For me, my measuring stick is dutystations. I've done this over and over again - related time and events according to duty station. In fact, just the other day, when I was trying to figure out how old our washing machine is, I said, "We bought it when we were at Ft. Hood, so it's 15 years old, give or take a year or two (yes, I'm without all the snazzy new technology, but it keeps on ticking).

I've heard people say that they remember where they were when big events happened, like when Presidents Kennedy and Reagan were shot. "At home and they broke in with a special news bulletin." Or, "At work. Vince came running down the hall to tell us and we turned the radio on." It's funny, because I was at work when the tragic events of 9/11 unfolded. More often than not, I tend to say, "We were stationed in Washington at the time and I was at work." I noticed others do the exact same thing.

Staples has the "Easy Button." I have the "Duty Station Recall Button." Works for me....

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