what not to wear?

I love that show, but rarely watch television. How I do wish I had that mean Stacey here right now to help me prepare.

However, I cannot think of a better place to ask than SpouseBuzz.


While in Washington, we have a "banquet" to attend. Now yaw'l, I have been to balls, receptions, etc, but never a banquet.

Right now I have no idea the time of day the banquet is being held. That is sort of a problem, as I realize to the floor gowns should be worn after 8pm.

Here lies the problem. I do not have a full length gown, nor do I want to purchase one.

Is a below the knee taffeta, black, cocktail dress appropriate?

I would assume so. I am not sure if people are hung up on rules of time of day any longer.

I am not an expert in event, as a National Guard spouse they are a rarity.

I was speaking with Sarah about this today and we came to the conclusion, that it is probably fine. You see just about anything at a formal event these days.

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