Throwing the List Out the Window


My husband should get home from deployment in the next few days. I too have The List of things I wanted to get done before he gets home: vacuum, give the dog a bath, take those durned boxes of stuff to Goodwill, bake him cookies,tidy the garage up, vacuum the cars...

But tonight I started thinking about our first SpouseBUZZ Live whenAWTM told the story ofhow overwhelmed she felt right before her husband came home. And I remembered the stress in her voiceas she explained the futility of burdening herself with so many chores. I also went back and read her post about how she spent two hours ironing her duvet cover. The comments section was full of wayswe decided to torture ourselves in the days before homecoming: cleaning the laundry room, pulling dandelions, and hanging curtains in the garage!

And I've decided I'm throwing the list out the window.

My husband won't care if the carpet is vacuumedor if the dog is washed.In fact, we generally do those kinds of things together, and maybe a dog bath will end up being a fun way to reconnect at the end ofthis week. I am not going to drive myself batty for the next few days doing chores that he won't even notice or care about.

Thank you, AWTM and commenters, for the wisdom. Now I'm going to kick back andknit for the rest of the evening...

Vacuuming canwait; I have a homecomingto get excited about!

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