The Unthinkable


A few days ago, I was directed by Guard Wife towards the blog of a wife whose husband was wounded by an IED on October 28, just about a month ago. I read every post that Dena Yllescas wrote about her husband - from finding out about his injury to the care decisions they had to make, to the small signs of progress and recovery.

I watched Dena Yllesca's blog, which begins here, every day.

Today my heart broke to read that Captain Rob Yllescas has passed on.

Reading Dena's blog, I was so struck by her strength and faith. She is an amazing person - she is an incredible person. Her grace is overwhelming in the face of this family crisis.

Her blog is, I think, a glimpse that so many of us never get to see of "the other side". The side we all dread when our husbands leave, and the reason we don't really breath again until they are back home.

Dena - our prayers are with you and your daughters, and with all of your family.

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