Two Days, Some Sharp Teeth and a lot of Overheating


Movingcan be stressful for a host of reasons. Not the least of which is wondering if you're goingto come in under your weight allowance.Does anyone else eyeball the house top to bottom before a move, and try to recallthe weight of your last shipment, and what you've added and subtracted since the move? Jessie's comment prompted me to write this post because a couple of weeks ago, in an attempt to de-clutter, I spent two fun-filled days, alone, with....

.....the shredder. Yes, TWO days.

Each time we move, we end up lugging boxes and boxes of various statements (credit card, banking, savings, investment) around with us. And not just statements, either. In the old days, banks sentyour canceled checks to you, so you wound up with three sources of the same data; bank statements, canceled checks and your carbon copy of the checkbook. Luggingall this stuff around has become a space issue (where to store it all), a clutter issue (do I really need it) and a weight issue (these boxes are heavy). Thank God for on-line statements. If you need to print them out, you just click print. Or, you import them into financial programs like Quicken, if you use that sort of thing. They're stored in cyberspace, and not in your house.

But they weren't stored in cyberspace in 1990, or 1993 or 1997.So, we just kept collecting them and they just kept taking up space and adding weight to our moving allowance. Last week, I decided it was way past time to get rid of most of this stuff. So, the shredder and I got to work. The reason it took two days to complete the task was because my little shredder kept overheating and would need time to recover.It's so nice to be rid of all that paper.

Taxes are one thing, but honestly, do I really need to go back to a credit card statement to find out how much we paid for a dryerin 1992? No, no I don't. Because I could find that information out by looking in my"receipts folder."Yes, I suppose I could.

Gotta run, looks like I'm not done with that shredder just yet.,,,

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