Sometimes I Need Reminding


As you may know, our family is preparing for a deployment sometime after Christmas.  And is often the case, what with predeployment workups and other training, my husband isn't home much right now.  I'm sure many of you will recognize the "we're trying to squeeze in family time and you're not even here" syndrome.  It's exhausting.

I was pretty sure that this topic had been covered here at SpouseBUZZ, so I did some searching.  I found a number of great posts, including When Goodbye Feels Like Good Riddance.  As is often the case with SpouseBUZZ, the post is good but the comments are truly spectacular.  The comments in this post helped me to remember that I'm not crazy, I'm not a bad person, my marriage isn't crumbling, and that it will all be okay in the end.

It seems that a lot of folks are headed out across the oceans in the new year, so I thought I'd bring some of these great posts up to the top of SpouseBUZZ.  I hope that you enjoy them! 


We Will Deploy

Never Used to Goodbye

Actually, It Doesn't Sound Crazy At All

The Mental Off-and-On

Preparing for Deployment

I hope that you find these as helpful as I did.  Even though I've done this deployment thing a few times, sometimes I need to be reminded that it's all okay.  One part of me feels a little guilty about rehashing a subject that has been discussed so many times already at SpouseBUZZ, but the other part of me figures that maybe I'm not the only person who needs a little electronic security blanket to keep me comforted during these challenging times.

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