Ringing in the New Year: Ahhhh - Peace and Quiet


We completed the planes, trains and automobiles dance three days ago, and as soon as we got home, we had two rounds of visitors. I'm pooped, and I have no desire to mingle with other people tonight, toot horns, wear funny hats, drink champagne (don't like it) or be around people who are drinking too much champagne.

Last night, my husband called and asked what I wanted to do for New Year's Eve. I told him I'd tell him when he got home because it was going to sound corny over the phone.

My master plan involved lobster tails, a nice bottle of wine and dancing - just not at some over-priced, over-crowded restaurant or club. So, I splurged and bought lobster tails (yum), a nice bottle of wine and a scrumptious dessert. I'm thinking a viewing of It's a Wonderful Life might be in order, too, since we didn't get a chance to watch it over Christmas. We're going to eat by candlelight on our patio, dance in our own home (finally putting those ballroom dancing lessons to good use) and then collapse in our own bed at precisely 12:05 a.m.. A perfect evening for me, even if it screams O-L-D.

What are your plans? Whatever you do, have fun and be safe. Oh, and toot a horn for me. My tootin' days appear to be over....

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