Opportunities into Goals


Sarah and I havewritten over the last couple days, about accomplishments and ... not. What wemade it through and what we ... didn't. Many of you came on line and told us how you tave done some great things. While many of you too chicken to make a comment, have hopefully realized that you also have done some great things. I hope that while sitting at your keyboards, you've stopped even if for only a momentto say, "You know, I HAVE gotten some things done and I'm pretty pleasedthat I did it without ... strangling someone."

Okay, now that you're pretty pleased with yourself (as you should be), have another one for you ...

It's coming up on "the Grande Season of Receiving PCS orders for the summer move." When your Mil-member gets their orders, do you promptly spit on the ground, stomp on said wet spot with your shoe, and then grind it into the floor, to mildly demonstrate your less than happy state of having to think about moving just before the Holiday Season? You know, ... let's make it REAL tough and maybe they'll get message to take back to the orderly room, "... my mate's pissed over THIS set of orders."

Rather than this scene, let's play it a different way...

How about this; have you thought about making a list of one or twogoals that you wish to accomplish during the up coming assignment? Hmmmm?

I mean, think about it. What better a time to "make an opportunity," then when everything is a new routine? Before you settle in to everything that takes all of your time ... first figure out what you want to accomplish for yourself, and THEN make all of the other stuff (within reason of course) fight for the remaining "you" time? Carve out for you, "you" time up-front! Make the opportunities happen .. don't wait for them.

You know you have it in you to do it, so why not decide to INSPIRE yourself and your kids AND your mil-member, that when you move this time ... there damn better be time for you to make positive accomplishments at this the new duty station.

It's only far-fetched if you think it is ... go for it.Make the opportunity turn intoan achieved goal.Don't stomp your feet at the thought of a PCS, say .. I'm a spouse ... and I'm GOING TOMEET a goad and do agreat thing at the next station... so, can you do it? Can you bump it up and grab the Opportunity and turn it into a Goal? Go for it! Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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