Oh Starry Night III


It's Christmas eve here at our little mil spouse virtual home. The authors, all my dearest of friends, have now spent three Holiday seasons together, talking amongst ourselves about fears and joys, and to each of you about those things that from our individual perspective,make a mil-spouse tick. Many ofyouhave been along on the ride since the inception of SpouseBUZZ, and there's no better time than now to say, Thanks -- you've made the trip a fantastic adventure. And since many of you check in on us pretty regularly, you could say, that you visiting SpouseBUZZ has becomeyour tradition ... if but a small one. Yes?

Oh Starry Night has become a tradition of sorts for me. For right now over in the sandbox, it's already mid-day, 25 December. For many there, it's another day of doing what they did yesterday, and what they'll do tomorrow because in a combat environment, that's just the way it is. But today, it's different in one small aspect. Today, we all watch each other a bit closer, we listen a bit more intently, and we hear things from our buddies that yesterday, or tomorrow, we wouldn't pause to think about. Today, Christmas Day, it's different.

Those onthe Midnight shift are first to realize just how large the moon really is ... and the gazillions of stars that stretch from horizon to horizon. The sky is absolute black, with pin holes of light streaming through. Few things in life are more visually striking then this immenseness of sky and stars. And then you hear folks talking ... about home, their kids, their spouse, ... and all that they're doing 'back home." And you suddenly realize, you don't remember, remembering the kids names until this moment. Yet now,they've become your family if for only a moment. You're listening a bit more closely because you want to be a part of their family. As Mid's give-way to the Day Shift ...

Bright skies, maybe a cold wind that eats through your Gore-Tex jacket, and then you see it ... those goofy Santa hats, and reindeer antlers with bells, and you just have to laugh. I mean what could be funnier than the local body builder, in battle rattle with his M4, and on his head, damn reindeer antlers? And we all think, I'd love to take these folks home and show 'em where I live and introduce them to my family, and well, make them part of my family, if for only a moment. And for those coming off of the Day shift,heading back to the hooch, you probably will find yourself quietly unwrapping presents from home ... trying to time it in your mind, so that just maybe 10 time zones apart, you might be unwrapping presents "together."

Swing shift kicks in, with folks having spent the morning and the day, thinking and wondering about what was happening at home. Now it's their turn to focus on mission. This ... is a tough nut to crack. Swing's watches the sun set, and in my business, it's time for the flightline to come back to life readying for night time ops. Sometimes you find yourself looking towards the perimeter, straining to make out a Bedouin caravan heading east to west ... wondering, ... wondering what it would have been like two thousand years ago ... as night falls and the biggest moon you've ever seen, rises.

All the while, each person on every shift is really thinking and hoping and at times straining under the load to sayin a quiet prayer, May Peace Be With My Family at Home. And once again in my tradition, I have to say,

While we're here praying for them, they're o'er there, saying one for us. No where but America. For you whose loved ones are currently deployed in harms' way, it is on bended-knee that I say my prayers for them and for you. May you all be safe and continue to cradle each others happiness in your hands as though there was nothing more precious. (Oh Starry Night II)

Merry Christmas; Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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