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Today, The Boss and I did what we really try to do for most of the major holidays... at least those that involve food and eating (okay, OTHER than the 4th of July!). We volunteer fto work in the DiningFacility and tryto shimmy up to the serving line and get some eyeball to eyeball time, with those that areserving all of us. Since I normally get stuck trying to get young men and women to eat broccoli or peas with mysterious chunks of mushroom or onion, the last couple of times I've asked to work the floor, cleaning tables, bussing dishes,and talking to the troops and their families.

Today, right after a young lady introduced me to "Gabriel" from High School Musical (I think that's her name) ... I turned around and met a gentleman who asked me, "how are you handling the holiday stress?" I said ... Huh? (I've been known to utter similar phrases of genius when the guy with mirrored sun glasses asks, "son, did you see that red light?")

Turns out, he had no idea who I was... The one and only Maintenance Toad of the Realm of the Authors withintheKingdom Of SpouseBUZZ. Did I know how to handle holiday stress? Are you kidding? I have... YALL ... gazillions of folks reading SB, whoare ready,willing,and VERY able to tell me when I need to fix my apple cart. (c:]

But I was curious ... who the heck was THIS guy? Turns out, he's an angel ...

Some of us have had an opportunity to meet and get to knowthese folks that can only stay for 45 days before they move on. They're all Military & Family Life Consultants, from MHN. They'reconfidential consultants who maintain our anonymity, here to help us. So here was Paul ...in the Dining Facility, and like The Boss and I, he was saying "thanks" to the troops and their families for what they're all doing for us.Yet, he had an additional angle; he was reaching into peoples thoughts and watching their eyes and carefully listening with the ears of a very trained professional. He really was asking ... How are you? And if you're okay, how about your buddy? And then, how are the kids? Are they adapting to the stressors?

As I spoke with him, and learned of his focus on our kids and youth, I had to ask how he found the time to work withadultsas well as with children and youth? That's when I discovered he is additive to the AdultM&FLCprogram, as his specialty is Child and Youth Behavior. Paul goes and talks to Mom's and Dad's at the CDC and at the youth center and in places where we all interact with our kids. And more importantly ... He Talks With The Kids! ... Only REALLY special people can talk to some of these ... fine, ... upstanding... human beings ... called ... children.

So, what have YOU heard about theChild and Youth Behavioral programs supported by specialists within the Military & Family Life Consultant program? Check it out .. for if the others in this program arelike Paul, then this is the beginning of an excellent program supported by angels ... Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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