Like Oil and Water


Each time we move, all remotes either go with me, or are placed in the entertainment center that houses all batteries, DVDs, etc. so that when we unpack, I know exactly where to find the remotes. My husband and I recently purchased a new television for our bedroom andgave the old one away to some friends. When they came to collect the television, which had been sitting in thegarage since we moved,I went to the remote drawer only to find that the remote was not there.I was baffled for two months because, despite having other moving-related issues throughout the years, I've neverhad a missing remote.I've always been very careful about that.

A universal remote worked fine for the couple we gave the television set to, but that particular television has a picture-in-picture feature which doesn't work without its remote. While decorating the house for Christmas, my husband opened one of our Christmas boxes and guess what he found? Yep, the missing remote. I probably didn't put it where it should have been or I'm sure it would have been packed properly, but how in the world it ended up in a Christmas box is beyond me. Especially since the Christmas boxes were located nowhere near the television set and the last time they were moved, those boxeswere loaded onto the truck first because they were in the garage.

The new owners now have the remote, but sheesh - it's irritating when your stuff is mixed up like that. Good thingI decided to bring out all the decorations this year or it would have been another year before we found the darn thing....

Our packers and movers did a great job, but sometimes funny things do happen. Like when I opened a box full of kitchen items and found one of my husband's black socks. Not a pair, mind you - but a single sock.Odd. Just odd. He doesn't make a habit of removing one sock and placing it in the crock pot very often. Or, maybe he does and I should be concerned.

If you'll excuse me, I'mgoing to go check the toaster oven for underwear....

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