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I remember well where I was on the 2nd of August in '90, and I still remember a campaign called Desert Fox in '98 ... and again, where I was on the 11th of September in '01.

What I don't know is what my parents might have been doing 67 years ago, on a quiet Sunday, the 7th of December '41.

I also don't know or even try to compare the events in '41 to those in '01 ... that's not my forte' and well, I'm sure I'd screw it up. Suffice to say, all along the way, there have been brave women and men who've given up all that they knew and loved, to be part of something a bit bigger than themselves. And most, had someone special at home.

That's us. So, for a moment, remember not only those that served and are serving, but remember what it must have been like to walk in their loved ones shoes ... then, now, always.

Lest we forget.

Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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