It All Evens Out


Funny that Toad put up a post about things we've accomplished; I was having the exact opposite thought today.

My husband should be coming home from deployment in about two weeks or so. Here is anincomplete list of all the things I said I was going to do while he was gone that haven't gotten done yet:

  • lose weight
  • finish a quilt I started ages ago
  • take those boxes to Goodwill
  • get a deck built in the backyard
  • read about 10 books
  • take some old stuff in the garage to the junk heap

But...that's the way it goes. And on the heels of Toad's post, there are three major things that I did accomplish while he was gone:

  • survived a miscarriage
  • went through fertility treatments
  • got a job

So I guess it all evens out, right?

I am seriously taking those boxes to Goodwill before he comes home...

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