Assignment Envy


We recently touched base again with a couple who we were stationed with over a decade ago. After the inevitable, "Why did we lose touch" conversation occurred, I asked my girlfriend where they had been assigned since we lost touch. She ticked off my fantasy list. Tampa, Georgia, Miami, Hawaii, Kansas (but for only a year) and Texas. I think I was drooling just listening to her....

Like me, my girlfriend prefers warmer climates. Unlike me, she's been able to spend her entire military marriage in shorts and the occasional light jacket. I have no complaints about our locations. Some I loved and others, not so much. But each place, rotten or fabulous, has brought its own set of blessings, joys and new experiences. However, I'd like to discover all the blessings, joys and experiences that warm climates have to offer. For the rest of my husband's career.

I admit it. I had"assignment envy." Wonder if there's a 12-step program? Hummmmm. I think another letter to Secretary Gates is in order.

Dear Secretary Gates.....

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