I was over-hearing (okay, ease-dropping on) a seminar that was going on in a room next door today, when I heard the speaker ask the most obvious question to the group, "So, quickly -- Name three accomplishments that make you the most proud." The room went silent. Partly because these are military folks and by nature, nobody ever wants to be first to stick up their hand and volunteer -- but more to the point, most of them really had to stop and think ... DO I have any accomplishments in life that make me proud?

Many of us don't ever take the time to realize that there truly are many things that are or could count towards ... goodness. You know, things that if someone asked, after some thought you could say, yepper, here are some of MY accomplishments ... Okay, want to give it a whirl? Hey You! Out there at the keyboard -- yeah, yeah ... you in the bunny slippers and the mug of hot coffee ...

Quick -- name 3 ofaccomplishments in life, that make you proud! Balking?Oh, stop it.

Stop. Put down the mug of coffee and prop up your feet and let's practicegetting yourself some credit.

Think. How much have you been associated with that has turned out well? Kids? Taking care of parents? Going back to school? Helping your spouse over the rough humps of life? ... without asking for any acknowledgment?

Hmmmm? Folks, you know -- you've done good. Repeat after me,"With my two feet andmy two hands, some good luck, and my perseverance, I've made many a thing better. And I refuse to let anyone, any where marginalize my accomplishments!"

We've met so many of you around the country, that We Know It! So you have to realize, you truly are doing well. And I wanted to say ... here! Catch a ((hug)) ... you've earned it.

Accomplishments. You probably have many more than you realize; accept them, acknowledge them, and then ... let's keep moving lest our butts start spreading from sitting on all of our laurels. Yall are great and we love having you around SB. Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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